Without Capital, Here’s How to Get Money from Instagram!

Today, social media is an almost inseparable part of everyday life. Not only to communicate but also to carry out other activities, including earning income.

One of the social media that is often used as a tool to earn income, both additional income and main income, is Instagram. With Instagram, users can not only share personal photos and videos but can also use this media as a bridge to make money.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that many people find out how to get money from Instagram. If you are included in it, see how to earn income through social media on this one. 

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Make Money on Instagram

The following are some frequently asked questions regarding how to earn money from Instagram.

1. How many IG followers to earn money?

The number of followers or followers on Instagram is not the main criterion for making money on social media. However, to generate optimal income, the number of followers can also be taken into consideration.

The more the number of followers, the higher the potential to get money from Instagram. With just 100 Instagram followers, you can already receive endorsements, depending on the criteria agreed between you and the brand or company doing the endorsement.

However, on average, brands or companies set a minimum number of followers of 1,000 to 10,000 so you can get offers to work with them.

It’s important to remember, apart from the number of followers, you also have to ensure that the level of engagement that your Instagram account has is high. This is because the level of engagement affects the level of awareness and sales conversion (on online shop accounts ).

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2. Can likes on Instagram make money?

As explained above, one of the important factors that influence how to earn money on Instagram is the level of engagement. So, likes on posts on Instagram are part of the benchmark to determine the level of engagement.

The more the number of likes on a post, the higher the level of engagement. However, it should be noted that the number of likes alone is not enough to determine the level of engagement and potential money that might be generated.

3. Do 1000 followers get money?

According to various experiences of Instagram users, a minimum of 1,000 followers can make money. As long as your Instagram account has a high engagement rate, there are always several brands or companies that offer cooperation in the form of endorsements.

An Instagram account with 1,000 followers is also known as a nano-influencer. Currently, many brands or agencies are looking for this category of influencers to help spread the digital campaigns they are running.

4. How much is the salary of an Instagram celeb gram?

Huge amounts of income and tantalizing popularity make many people aspire to become celebrities or influencers. So, how much is the salary of an Instagram celeb gram?

According to a study conducted and published by HypeAuditor on 1,865 celeb grams, the average celeb gram earns an income or salary from Instagram of US$3,000 or around Rp.43 million per month. However, again, this income depends on the number of followers and engagement rate that the Instagram account has.

7 Ways to Make Money from Instagram

There are many ways you can do to get income from Instagram. If you are still confused about what to do, here are recommendations for ways to get money from Instagram that you can try.

1. Become a product reviewer

The easiest way to get money from Instagram is to review products from certain brands. This is necessary because product reviews greatly influence a person’s decision to make a purchase. 

Therefore, many brands or digital agencies offer free products to Instagram users to get honest reviews. So, those of you who are interested in becoming a product reviewer can start determining what product you want to review. Starting from culinary products, and fashion, to education.

2. Menjual handmade product

A survey proves that 81% of people prefer to buy handmade products rather than manufacturers. Therefore, selling homemade products can be a promising business prospect, especially if done on social media such as Instagram.

Homemade products include local products that are now sought after by many people. Besides being unique, homemade products are also usually better than factory or machine-made products. So, make sure you make the best quality products to sell on Instagram.

3. Open paid promotion

Paid services on social media are also often used to get money from Instagram. You can open a paid promotion service to make money on Instagram without the slightest capital. The method is also very easy, you only need to share brand posts or parties you want to promote in the form of Instagram Stories or Instagram Feeds. It’s easy?

4. Selling preloved items

Nowadays, many people are aware of the importance of protecting the environment by not consuming fast fashion. As an alternative, they will buy preloved aliases. So, you can use this opportunity as a way to get money from Instagram.

You can sell your own used items or collect preloved items belonging to friends, family, and even other Instagram followers. For information, several celebrities such as Eva Celia and Luna Maya also sell preloved items, you know!

5. Become an Instagram admin

Managing an Instagram account as a business account is not an easy matter. It takes expertise to create interesting posts to share so that the audience feels moved to follow and take action according to the expectations of the account owner.

So, those of you who have this expertise can become admins to manage Instagram accounts for products, brands, companies, and even personal accounts belonging to famous people.

6. Become an Instagram admin

Those of you who like to do window shopping, aka looking at products in stores offline, especially abroad, can use this method to make money from Instagram.

As the name implies, you who open a deposit service business will serve consumer requests according to their wishes. You only need to provide information on where you are going to shop, then interested audiences will contact you directly to order the items they want.

7. Join the affiliate program

Want to run a business, but don’t have the capital to stock up on goods? Relax, you can join affiliate programs to earn money from Instagram.

This program allows you to earn promising commissions if you succeed in getting other people to buy products from those you work with. How to get money from Instagram This one is fun because you can do it anywhere and anytime, also without the need for the slightest capital.

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