Top 5 Amy Adams Movies To Watch

The movie that put Adams on the map, this PG-rated Disney musical found her playing Giselle, an animated princess thrust into live action New York City. Her utter dedication to the role is a testament to her gifts as an actress.

An Oscar nominee for this David O. Russell boxing drama, Adams delivers a powerful performance as the wife of the film’s protagonist. Her subtlety and resonant work is a standout in her career.

Junebug (2005)

This movie starring Adams as a Chicago art dealer who visits her husband’s North Carolina family to convince a local artist to sign with her gallery gave Adams her first Oscar nomination. It’s funny, poignant and more subtle than most movies with similar premise.

The flixtor film also starred Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. While the film is a little uneven in spots, its performances by the entire cast are fantastic and Adams’s is no exception.

Adams won a Golden Globe for this role and received an Oscar nomination. She plays a timid painter who finds the courage to reclaim her work and escape her oppressive husband in this drama.

American Hustle (2013)

Whether she’s playing an agoraphobic child psychologist or a con artist mopping up crime scenes, Amy Adams can turn even the most mundane role into one of her greatest performances. Her acting skills have earned her multiple Oscar nominations, though she has yet to win a statuette.

Adams reunited with director David O. Russell for this film about American boxer Micky Ward. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Charlene Fleming, the girlfriend of Ward and his long-time manager.

Crazy curls, a bloated Christian Bale, and plenty of hustling make this movie fun to watch. But the real star is Adams, who delivers a layered and complex performance as FBI sting operation Abscam’s target. This is a must-see for fans of the actress.

The Fighter (2013)

This movie about a real-life con-artist is another Oscar-worthy film that showcases Adams’ acting chops. She holds her own against her co-stars, particularly Melissa Leo, and takes the movie to a higher level with her nuanced performance.

She won an Oscar for her portrayal of the troubled artist in this film from director Paul Anderson. Though her role is small, she adds a layer of sensitivity to the character that sets her apart from others in the same boat.

Even though this is a direct-to-video prequel, it still garnered buzz almost solely on the strength of Adams’ performance. This film proves that she can go from dark and serious to riffing on Disney princesses and be equally successful in both. This was a breakout moment for Adams that paved the way for her future success.

Arrival (2014)

The film that launched Adams as a big-screen leading lady, this PG-rated Disney fairytale has Adams playing the wide-eyed princess who finds that the logic and physics of the animated world don’t translate to real-life New York City. Despite a few flaws, critics loved this movie and Adams’ performance.

Denis Villeneuve continues his run of acclaimed sci-fi hits with this thrilling, thought-provoking movie about the arrival of alien creatures on Earth. Featuring a central character (linguist Louise Banks played by Adams) who learns that language can unlock a shared understanding of first contact, Arrival is a grown-up take on the genre.

The Master (2014)

The Master is a film that has been praised by critics for its acting and direction. In addition, it also features a great performance from Amy Adams. She plays a character who is in a dark place and tries to find her way out of it.

This crime caper based on a true story landed Adams a nomination for an Oscar. She paired up with Christian Bale in this movie and both gave great performances.


Adams plays the role of Margaret Keane in this historical drama. This is one of the most memorable roles she has ever played. Her performance was amazing and she deserved her Oscar nomination. This movie is definitely worth checking out. It is a must-see for any fan of Amy Adams. She is truly talented and her performances will leave you wanting more.

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