Starting the official work of brokers in transfers

The unprofessional presence of brokers in Iranian football has caused ordinary players to demand exorbitant prices.

According to سایت پین باهیس, with the end of a football season, the transfer brokers along with the clubs, start their official work to generate their income and have a strong impact on this inflammatory market. Those who have heard about the influence of brokers on the transfer market may say to themselves that the best thing is for clubs and players not to work with these brokers, but they should know that firstly, if brokers are not involved, no transfer will take place, and secondly, that The profit of some people in the clubs is not obtained from these transfers either.

Undoubtedly, if the people in the teams and clubs were not looking for their own profit, the players would enter into negotiations and close their contracts in the usual way, but this mediation has forced the players to work with brokers. There have been many times that a player has planned to stop working with brokers, but in the end he realized that no club wants him. The power of brokers in football is not something that no one knows about, and even some of our club managers and coaches are introduced to teams through them, and after being recruited, they are forced to work with these people to maintain their position.

One of the major disadvantages of the prominent presence of brokers in Iranian football is the unreasonable increase in player prices. For example, the contract of a normal player has grown 8 times in one year, and this increase in price is unbelievable for such a player.

In this report, the reasons for the unaccountable increase in the prices of players in Iranian football have been looked at.

Media game

One of the most important means of increasing the price of players is media games. The more news about the desired player, the higher the price of this player. Intermediaries also use this platform well. For example, there are some virtual space channels and unofficial sites in Iran that are managed by brokers and control the transfer news.

These media easily reach their goals by mentioning the names of the players they want. For example, one of their goals from this work is that the fans of the desired team will face the management of the club and by this pressure they will reach their goal.

Quota of managers and coaches in transfers

Increasing the contract is not only for the benefit of the player and his agent, but in some cases managers and coaches also benefit from this amount. This way of generating income is that each person in the club has one or more quotas for transfers and can consider a separate profit from each one.

Of course, this is not an issue that can be easily discovered because the players are never willing to confirm this issue because then they should consider their football as over. Many of these examples have been seen in the past and present, but no one has the courage to speak about this issue, and this incident has made it impossible to stop this work.

Golan, illiterate managers in state football

If a player is paid out of the pocket of a manager in a private company or factory, that manager will do his best to firstly buy a quality player and secondly to lower the price as much as he can. One of the disadvantages of government teams is that the manager does not hesitate to pay money, because this money does not go out of his pocket, and in the end, he does not have to answer to anyone about it.

The presence of some non-specialist managers in the government teams has caused a lot of debts that even now these teams have to pay for their past mistakes.

Be national and get 10 billion more

One of the fastest ways to increase the price is to become a player. When a player is invited to the national team camp, his contract amount increases significantly in a fraction of a second. Brokers always do their best to find the players they want in the national team, but we have to see if they were successful in this or not?

Bad quality foreigners

Foreign players did not always have a higher price than domestic players, and the entry of their low-quality version into Iranian football has opened the hands of brokers to market Iranian players in domestic football. Undoubtedly, if quality foreign players enter Iranian football at a reasonable price, brokers can’t sell a normal player to clubs at a multiple price.

Powerful brokers

In all the reasons mentioned above for the unreasonable increase in players’ prices, traces of brokers can be seen. Undoubtedly, the most important reason for the turmoil in the transfer market is the existence of these brokers who use various tactics to achieve their goals. Of course, the presence of intermediaries is also seen in world football, but the difference is that their presence is accompanied by transparency, and whatever happens, there are all the documents.

What is clearly seen is the high power of brokers in Iranian football, and it remains to be seen how long they can shine in this lucrative market and reap the money of state teams.

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