Sliding Window Designs: Pros & Cons, Design Ideas, Guide

Windows provide natural air and light to a room and serve as architectural focal points. Though you can find multiple options, sliding windows make up for the best choice. These window options enhance the look and feel of the space, and when you pick the feature-rich product, your comfort knows no bounds. TOSTEM INDIA has a wide range of design options for Aluminium sliding windows, and the perfection of each product will make you fall in love with it.

However, before you think of investing in these windows, knowing that it is the best-fit option for your requirements is crucial. Let us dig deeper and elaborate on the pros and cons of using these windows for better clarity.

Pros & Cons of sliding windows

  • The best part about this window type is its durability. If you purchase it from a reputable vendor, the windows will likely stay longer than the other types available.
  • You can get more natural light through the glass as it forms most of a sliding window. Furthermore, if you fully open the window, lots of fresh air will peek in from the outside.
  • These windows make up the best option for a compact space. So, sliding doors & windows are best if you have limited space and cannot keep additional space for opening or closing the doors.
  • Another benefit of this window type is that they are easy to operate. You wouldn’t have to struggle with the latch or lock and can lock it by simply sliding shut the door.
  • The only drawback or con of using these windows is that they can be challenging to clean. Moreover, you may face challenges like air leaks if the window seals are weak.


Design Ideas for Sliding Windows

You can find multiple design options in the market for a sliding window. Which one you want to pick depends on your individual choice or on the total space that you have. Some of the most popular design options are:

Single Slider Window: where only one side of the glass door slides to the other.

Double Slider Window: Both sides of the window slides to either ends.

3-pane slider Window: In this design, the middle panel is fixed and other two on either sides slide towards the center.


Feature-Rich Option By TOSTEM INDIA

As mentioned earlier, the weak seals of the window or the substandard quality of the material is the drawback of Aluminium sliding windows. However, when you choose TOSTEM INDIA, you are in for a treat! The company offers feature-rich window options that are:

Ø Performance tested for wind, water, and noise. These windows are apt for different weather conditions and terrains.

Ø Sturdy enough to last longer. Moreover, these windows are known to be ten times stronger than UPVC windows. Furthermore, aluminium is recyclable, so these windows are an eco-friendly option.

Ø Another USP of the TESTOM INDIA windows is that their designs are slim, they have narrow sightlines, and the glass panels from which they come are large! Due to these features, the overall look and feel turn out aesthetically appealing.

Ø The TESTOM INDIA windows come in a carefully packed box which you can get home-delivered. The packaging is sturdy enough for safer transportation, and every part required in the installation comes in the box. You can unpack the box and install the windows at your own pace.

It is fair to say that every house owner must consider investing in sliding windows. It helps them get a contemporary look for their space. Moreover, if they purchase from TESTOM INDIA, the products would definitely be fully-functional and much better than the other options available in the market.

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