Reliable and Timely Deliveries: The Power of International Courier Services

How to Choose the Right International Courier Service? 

If you are a business owner and want to expand your business, you must start shipping internationally. International shipping comes with a lot of advantages as well as a complex working system. To make it easier, you can hire an international courier service that will help you with the process of shipping and handling. It is a great way to carry out the fulfilment process with ease and support. Several international courier services provide a great deal for shipment and other fulfilment services.    

How to Choose the Right International Courier Service? 

There are several options available for you to choose from, which can become redundant and sometimes overwhelming.

Thus, let us understand the criteria to be considered while choosing the right international courier services for you:   

  • Delivery speed

When tackling urgent situations, engaging with a global carrier that can handle perishable supplies through overnight shipping or expedited air freight can be a lifesaver. For slow delivery, collaborating with international shipping firms that offer first-rate ocean or LTL shipping will work. In any event, bear in mind that partnering with an efficient international shipping firm may result in higher shipping costs.  

  • Shipping Restrictions

Various restrictions apply when it comes to shipping. You should know how to manage fragile and hazardous goods because not all businesses will deal with goods that include potentially harmful elements. Additionally, there are limitations on size and weight.       

  • Tracking 

When your customers can’t access the status of their shipment in transit, the prolonged wait might develop into a nightmare and a disappointment for them. International shipping takes longer than domestic delivery, with which comes a lot of risk factors involved. This put a lot of emphasis on the real-time tracking services offered by shipping companies. So don’t forget to check that!   

  • Weekend Delivery

If an overseas carrier doesn’t deliver on weekends, your customers may have to wait an extra two days until Monday — the next week — if their delivery dates occasionally fall on the weekend. Knowing whether the delivery schedule of the carriers aligns with your customer’s availability makes a difference.

  • Customer Service

Every business is successful only if it has a loyal customer base and this happens only when you offer dedicated customer service. Before hiring an international courier service, make sure that they are reliable otherwise it will not only trouble you but also the customer leading to negative reviews and poor brand image. 

  1. Shipping Rates

Your business budget can be handled cost-effectively if you can find an inexpensive way for international shipping. You must be aware of the different prices and discounts that different international shipping carriers provide. The cheapest solutions might not have the same speed or customer services as the more expensive ones, so be cautious to establish a balance between shipping costs and other criteria.  

Top International Courier Services 


  • NimbusGlobal

NimbusGlobal is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, and offers international courier services across 196+ countries. It leverages an advanced tech-enabled approach to offer global and domestic shipping services to businesses across 196+ countries. Their global shipping brings you a suite of services like real-time tracking, shipping insurance, easy NDR management, etc. 

  • DHL

DHL is considered one of the best international shipping companies, providing quick and affordable shipping solutions along with DHL international courier tracking. It consists of a huge logistical network and is among the best international shipping businesses. DHL provides overnight delivery of your items across the globe.  

  • FedEx

FedEx International is one of the most reputed international delivery corporations. If you need to export and import from India to other countries, they can be a reliable option for you. 

  • UPS

It is a household name and has its network spread across 220 countries across the globe. It is versatile and can handle all types of shipping needs.

  • Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a company based in Chennai. With services across 220 countries, it has channels across 33,739 prime locations. It is known for both domestic and international shipping services, especially across Asia.

  • DB Schenker 

DB Schenker is one of the biggest multinational businesses, it has operations in about 2000 locations globally with its headquarters in Germany. It offers worldwide international courier services like air, land and ocean freight with smart and sustainable supply chain management solutions.  


International shipping, as exciting as it sounds is a complex and tedious process. It involves numerous stages, right from choosing the right international courier services to taking care of the costs, budget, delivery speed, etc.

Hiring a shipping aggregator is a wise decision as it helps you with these things and takes care of everything on your behalf. If you are looking for a reliable shipping aggregator, then connect to NimbusPost, a tech-based shipping aggregator that brings convenience to your doorstep.   

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