Radical Storage is the trade name for the Luggage Storage Network.


This service is used by tourists who want to take a stroll through the city before or after checking out while they still have time before their departure as well as those who want to visit a museum but are worried that their large backpack won’t be allowed inside.

Join the Radical Storage affiliate network to receive 8% of every reservation fee.

Simply complete a three-minute registration process to get started.

Find the closest luggage storage by selecting the desired location from a list of cities. The user can utilize the map to see the general location of each storage option for Radical Storage Coupon. The actual address won’t be given to them until they have paid for it.

  1. Select any reasonable check-in time and luggage return date. The traveler provides a rough estimate of the time. The delivery or pickup of the suitcase must take place during the open hours of the luggage storage facility, even though it may be checked in or out before or after the scheduled time.
  2. Make a payment for the luggage’s storage. After paying for the reservation, the user will see a website with a QR code, which they must show to the host (the owner of the storage facility). If the QR code is not functional, you can use the booking number from the correspondence that came with the booking confirmation.

The Radical Storage mobile app gives travelers who book luggage storage access to complimentary audio tours (where available).

Radical Storage Partner Program

The partner benefits are 8% of each purchase consumers make on the desktop and mobile versions of the website. However, partners won’t receive any benefits for reservations made via the smartphone app.

Payback projects, traffic arbitrage, discounts, and promotional codes are just a few of the traffic sources that the company will take. Radical Storage also offers benefits to travel firms.

Links, banners, and the link generator are accessible to partners. You can learn more about the terms on the partner program website.

Partner Program for Radical Storage

Consumer purchases on the desktop and mobile versions of the website will earn the partners 8% of each sale. However, incentives for reservations booked through the smartphone app are not available to partners.

A few of the traffic sources that the business will use are payback initiatives, traffic arbitrage, discounts, and promotional codes. Travel agencies can also benefit from radical storage.

Partners have access to links, banners, and the link generator. On the partner program website, you may find more information about the terms.

Designing an adaptive landing page. The ease of booking for the user on any device increases conversions.

Tips for Profiting from the Partner Program

Describe the service’s importance.

Describe the advantages of using Radical Storage to your audience and why they would find it handy when traveling. A personal story can be communicated more successfully. For instance, you might mention how a hostel’s security officer refused to let you into a museum because of the size of your suitcase or how your luggage was stolen from the common area while you were out for a stroll. Many users may be able to connect to these stories.

Target cross-selling

The services of Radical Storage are available for travelers to purchase separately or in conjunction with other travel-related items. To profit from this, use cross-selling, a strategy that enables you to increase your income by advertising comparable goods and services.

An individual booking a trip with GetYourGuide, for instance, might be worried about the possibility of having their personal belongings stolen. Give these visitors the choice to leave their bags or backpacks at a Radical Storage facility so they may travel lightly and without stress.

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