Prison School Season 2: Why Fans Are Eagerly Waiting the Next Chapter

Prison School is a popular anime series that has captivated audiences worldwide. The show tells the story of a group of male students who are forced to attend a school that has recently become co-ed. As the only male students in the school, they quickly find themselves the target of the female students’ wrath. The show has been a massive success, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the second season. In this article, we will discuss why fans are so eager to see Prison School Season 2.

The Story So Far

The first season of Prison School premiered in 2015 and followed the story of the five male students who were sent to Hachimitsu Academy, an all-girls school that had recently become co-ed. The boys quickly find themselves in trouble when they are caught peeping in the girls’ bathroom. They are then sent to the school’s prison, where they are subjected to harsh punishments and abuse from the female guards.

Despite their dire situation, the boys never give up hope and continue to try to escape. Along the way, they develop relationships with some of the female characters, and the show explores themes of love, friendship, and betrayal.

Why Fans Are Eager for Season 2

The first season of Prison School ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans desperate to see what happens next. The boys’ escape attempt was foiled, and they were left in an even worse situation than before. Fans are eager to see how the story will continue and if the boys will ever be able to escape.

Additionally, the show’s unique blend of humor, drama, and ecchi elements has made it a favorite among anime fans. The characters are well-developed and have distinct personalities that viewers can relate to. The show’s animation and music are also top-notch, adding to the overall experience.

The manga series that the show is based on has already been completed, which means that there is plenty of source material for the second season. Fans are excited to see how the anime adaptation will handle the remaining chapters and if any changes will be made to the story.


Prison School is an anime series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The first season was a massive success, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season. The unique blend of humor, drama, and ecchi elements, along with the well-developed characters and top-notch animation, has made it a fan favorite. With the story left on a cliffhanger, fans are excited to see how the next chapter of this exciting story will unfold. Read More!

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