6 Places to Visit in Portland for A Soul-Stirring Getaway

Vegans, hipsters, outdoor adventurers, artists, and families flock to Portland. Despite being Oregon’s largest city, Portland is a laid-back metropolis with a small-town vibe. Enjoy every bit of everything in Portland with Spirit Airlines book a flight so you can enjoy Portland’s famous cuisine.

Furthermore, the city provides a diverse range of activities that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re contemplating a trip to hipster heaven, we’ve got you covered. From parks to galleries, here’s a list of the greatest things to do in Portland, Oregon.

6 Places to Visit in Portland:


  1. Washington Park

This 458-acre park has been enthralling locals and visitors with its collection of natural and man-made wonders since 1909. Washington Park is unlike any other area in Portland. Travelling with your children? There contains a zoo, an extensive playing field, tennis courts, an arrow range, and a museum. A stroll down a shaded and picturesque lane is another option.

  1. International Rose Test Garden

Founded in 1917, this garden began as a refuge for hybrid European roses during WWI. It is now the country’s oldest public rose test garden. Not to mention that it’s one of Portland’s must-do free activities. The Portland Rose Garden is home to over 10,000 roses.

Also, the garden provides breathtaking vistas of Mount Hood and downtown Portland. The Miniature Rose and award-winning roses can be in the Gold Award Garden. You might also like the garden’s instructional programmed on rose culture.

  1. Portland Art Museum

This treasure trove, which was in 1892, is America’s fifth oldest art museum. When it’s raining or freezing in Portland, what should you do? Then, keep in mind to include this cultural institution in your Portland activities list.

This museum’s unusual exhibits of graphic, Native American, and Asian art will enchant you. It includes over 42,000 items. Explore its spectacular displays, such as the famed Native American gallery, and become lost in art. Check out the sculpture garden and the photography section as well.

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  1. Pittock Mansion

This 23-room French Renaissance-style estate in Portland’s West Hills is one-of-a-kind and a must-see. Pittock Mansion is the place to go if you’re looking for classy things to do in Portland indoors.

This château is rich in history and culture, with beautiful features and elegant accents like the Turkish smoking room. Take a guided tour to discover more about the estate and its wealthy previous occupants. After that, stop by the gift shop to pick up some cool homemade products made by local sellers.

  1. Portland Saturday Market

From March through December 24, this weekend market is every Sunday and Saturday and is with amazing buys and mementos. You’ll adore this market whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir or want different food. This market, which has been open since 1974, features 252 stalls selling pet supplies, local art, food, and apparel.

Find unusual items like papier-mache face masks and beeswax candles. There are also food vendors selling unique trinkets, organic coffee beans, and other stuff. Did I mention there’s live folk and blues music at the market?

  1. Lan Su Chinese Garden

This enclosed 40,000-square-foot garden in Chinatown is a refreshing refuge in the heart of Portland. Lan Su Chinese Garden is a haven where individuals may reconnect with nature and escape the stresses of everyday life. Also, there is an 8,000-square-foot lake with native Chinese trees.

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As you meander through the grounds of beautiful garden, you will experience a pleasant and tranquil escape. Even better, the garden hosts cultural activities that showcase China’s legacy.



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