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Pixel Gun 3D Mod Apk 21.7.2 (Equipment) + Data Android • Search for best mod apk files via GetMOD mod finder.
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Pixel Gun 3D
October 15, 2021
4.4 and up
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Excellent game from great developers! A minor bug In the gem puzzle inside the tunnels of the inventor of the Sultan, one of the central gems is not able to be chosen. The gem on the left top doesn’t respond whenever I press it. Restarting the app solved the issue.

Very engaging, although there’s too many conversations for me. I bought this game because the creator has responded to all negative reviews in Google Play, and I enjoy the fact that they did! I don’t play as often that waiting around for keys can be a hassle. The puzzles aren’t too difficult for me as are the illustrations good. Always respond to your followers It’s the best publicity you can create!

It’s fine. It just takes a lot of stars to be able to give an idea. It makes use of all to get one hint. Also, the number of stars increase for each hint. This is a fraud game. It only gives you 5 stars for every $1 you pay and you need five stars to receive your first hint . It doubles each hint that follows for the entire chapter. It’s too costly. There are other cheaper, better escape games are out there.

This game is fantastic! It’s everything I could ever ask for. I am awestruck by the graphics. the music is amazing and it changes depending on the storyline you pick. The characters are funny and have intriguing dialogue. It isn’t like they’re changing things from the previous story. The games are varied in difficulty but the puzzles aren’t difficult. If you enjoy puzzle games and room escape I would highly recommend this !

It’s only been one story to date however I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The game looks really beautiful and the stories are fascinating as are the challenges. They’re tough enough to be fun. The reason my score isn’t five stars is due to the length of time required to recover keys. There are only two keys available and each one requires 2 hours to replenish. You’ve already loaded it up with ads, but is this not enough to generate revenue? I’m sure you could achieve more than this.

Fantastic! The stories are interesting and there’s a wide choice of characters to choose from. I’m currently playing trapmaker. I am a huge fan of detective and crime stories, and this one is just perfect for me! The aesthetics are beautiful and the puzzles are more difficult than I expected which is great. Different difficulty levels are offered for both beginners and more advanced players! Recommend 5/5

Fun game! So far, I’ve been playing Sacred Stones, but I’m about to begin another. My only “complaint” (and reason for one star being removed) is that at times, what I’m supposed to do isn’t intuitively obvious, and I never have enough stars to be able to discern an idea. Being able to earn stars without having to buy stars would be nice. But, I’m really enjoying myself using this app, and am sure I’m glad to have downloaded the app!

The game is extremely enjoyable with the exception of the quest for the holy stones. I am awestruck by the storyline of the game, but I’m not a pro with pvp and prefer to be patient to avoid making mistakes. The boss battles allow three mistakes before I’m forced to do it again. It’s really frustrating when I would like to finish the game without any guide or walkthrough and these boss fights continue to impede my progress.

Have a look at the 1-star ratings. People are known to be a bit sour. The developers offer us a free game , with the OPTION to purchase keys or stars. People call them money-grubbing. It’s just so disrespectful. The first is that you will find all solutions online, and secondly, you can earn stars, and can view ads to gain keys quicker. The puzzles are very well designed. Kudos for this, and the music, particularly on the cursed crown, is fantastic (reminds me of Pink Floyd). One thing I do not like is the fact that most of the characters are female.

I began playing the game last night and it’s awesome. I’ve always wanted the perfect game of mystery but didn’t get one. Then I played playing this one …..and it blew my mind! The puzzles are distinctive and fascinating. I would recommend this game to anyone who love the world of mystery and adventure.

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