PAT Testing for Getting Your Electrical Equipment Inspected

PAT Testing

Importance of PAT Testing:

Do you have ever wondered if electronic equipment installed in your home needs timely inspection? How can you get them inspected? Let’s dig into the scrutiny of PAT testing, its importance, and the requirements for learning PAT testing. PAT testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing. As the name specifies, PAT testing is basically the inspection and testing of in-service electrical equipment. The clever electricians or technicians are always in search of faulty and broken equipment. This article highlights the journey of an electrician who craves for learning PAT testing and then utilizes it in the real world. PAT testing is not difficult to learn, the electricians can get them enrolled in the course easily. The short course can be completed even within 2 days. The main thing is the assessment of this course after which the electricians get official permission to test and inspect the electrical equipment of customers. PAT testing is required for electronics at residentials, companies, hospitals, hotels, shops, etc. You can get your equipment inspected by PAT testing when it is supplied to you. After successful testing and inspection, the equipment owners are provided with a PAT certificate for ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Technicians Concern:

The technicians who are desired to learn and adapt PAT testing in their career can get themselves enrolled in training procedures. Normally, anyone can learn PAT testing but the person must have an interest in learning this because it is a technical course. The person must be competent and aware of some basic electrician skills. Normally, colleges and universities depend upon outsourced PAT testing but they can also offer PAT testing training courses in organizations along with certificates. This can be a helpful skill for people who are interested or want to learn some technical skills for better earnings in the future.

Requirements and Regulations:

Once you have observed yourself as a competent person in learning the skills of PAT testing and getting certified then you have a clear know-how of specific rules and regulations defined by the government bodies. PAT testing is recognized by the In-Service Inspection and Testing body that requires additional learning for getting a full knowledge of getting certified. The In-Service Inspection and Testing require the following things to be done.

  • User Checks:

This is the basic requirement of the workplace environment, anyone who is using a particular electrical appliance there should be aware of using that appliance and the potential dangers while using the appliance. That user is required to report any kind of fault or breakage in that appliance. There must be particular training sessions for making the employees aware of carrying out the inspection of the particular appliance they use.

  • Formal Visual Inspections:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) declares this test important to be carried out. The visual testing also identifies the problems that can not be identified by the PAT testing. This is also carried out by the person using the particular appliance like User check. The users identify faults in cables, plugs, and any abrasions upon touching. This is normally done when the appliance is not switched on because there might be the threat of electrical shocks.

  • Combined Inspection and Testing:

This test is carried out by a competent person who is trained. this starts with the visual inspection, it also inspects the condition and working of the fuse and plugs. This is a full test that inspects each and everything. In this test, the wiring and connections are repaired. This test is mostly carried out in schools for the safety of children. This also checks damages and cracks in the wiring, plugs, and appliances. This is done after the visual inspection. The person who performs combined inspection and testing should be aware of PAT testing and its principles. If any of the damage or problem is inspected then the appliance should not be used until repaired.

Final Words:

PAT testing can be learned through proper courses. The candidate is required to get the certification once the course is completed. This allows the person to use heavy electrical appliances. PAT testing helps the person to be aware of the hazards that can occur during the use of any electrical appliance. The PAT testing is recognized by the Electricity at Work Regulations. It requires the maintenance of electrical appliances and the safety required for using them. It covers portable as well as any kind of electrical appliance.

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