Is Spirit Airlines $9 fare club worth it?

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Complete Guide

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline with the lowest fares. In addition to low flights and bargains, Spirit Airlines offers the $9 Fare Club, which delivers significant discounts. Whether you are a frequent or infrequent flyer, you will be able to get low-cost flight reservations.

What is the Spirit 9 Fare Club? 


Spirit Airlines’ $9 Fare Club, which it refers to as “a pretty good deal,” provides members with exclusive access to some of the lowest prices and baggage reductions. Spirit Airlines offers special deals to $9 Fare Club members that can save you a significant amount of money on your travel expenses. 

Members receive baggage reductions when paying online, as well as special deals on specific occasions. Members of the Spirit Airlines 9-dollar club are not offered a $9 fare. Or, with a $9 Fare Club membership, you may book up to eight persons at the lowest fare when purchasing your tickets online through the official Spirit Airlines Booking website. 

Cost and Benefits of the Spirit $9 Fare Club 

If you are a member of the $9 fare club, you can take advantage of a unique vacation package. 

  • The itinerary can accommodate around eight persons. 
  • Furthermore, you can pay the entire membership price at the time of your first booking. 
  • Members of the $9 Fare Club can also save up to 50% on luggage. 
  • Furthermore, if you want to add baggage after making your reservation or before boarding the trip, you can offer this membership to the other team member by contacting Spirit’s $9 fare club customer support. 

How Can I Get Spirit Airlines’ $9 Fare Club Membership? 

Fill out the form on the official website to join the $9 fare club. Also, you will be asked to enter basic information such as your full name, date of birth, and email address. 

  • You can also join a membership while booking with Spirit Airlines. 
  • After giving your contact information for the reservation, you will receive an invitation to the $9 fare Club with an incentive to join. 
  • You may get the most up-to-date information on Spirit Airlines’ $9 membership by calling their helpdesk. 
  • As a member of the Spirit Airlines 9-dollar club, customer service representatives will inform you of the benefits you will receive.

What is Spirit Airlines’ $9 Fare Club Fee? 

Members must pay $59.95 to join the $9 fare membership. Spirit $9 Fare Club fees, but, can be paid in the following ways. 

  • Members must pay $69.95 each year. 
  • Furthermore, they must pay $99.90 (a $5 savings) for 18 months. 
  • In a comparable manner for two years, pay $129.90 (a $10 savings). 
  • Customers can also pay $59.95 for a year of $9 fare membership. If you do not want to join Spirit Airlines’ $9 fare registration, you can get a two-month trial for $19.95. 
  • Spirit Airlines will renew the membership for a further year at $69.95 should they cancel it to ensure that members are continuing to save.
  • Spirit Airlines will notify members before renewal that their credit card on file will be debited. 
  • During the rest, participants learn about the cost-saving benefits of joining the Spirit Saver$ club.

How Does the Spirit Saver$ Club Membership Work? 

  • Spirit $9 fare club membership can be used after Spirit $9 fare club login, and members become eligible for it. 
  • Furthermore, while booking online, Members can save money on their trip. 
  • When a member searches for an itinerary on the airline’s official website, the Spirit Saver$ Club fare choices for the travel dates displayed on the page are available. 
  • Members can take advantage of typical internet bag prices if they buy it online. 

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Checked baggage savings

During online booking:
1st bag: Standard Fare — $30 & $9 Fare Club — $21
2nd bag: Standard Fare — $40 & $9 Fare Club — $31
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare — $85 & $9 Fare Club — $76

Before online check-in:
1st bag: Standard Fare — $40 & $9 Fare Club — $31
2nd bag: Standard Fare — $50 & $9 Fare Club — $41
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare — $95 & $9 Fare Club — $86

During online check-in:
1st bag: Standard Fare — $40 & $9 Fare Club — $31
2nd bag: Standard Fare — $50 & $9 Fare Club — $41
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare — $95 & $9 Fare Club — $86

Airport, group desk, reservation center:
1st bag: $50
2nd bag: $60
3rd through 5th: $100

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At gate:
1st bag: $65
2nd bag: N/A
3rd through 5th: N/A

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