How To Fix Wavlink Router Red Light Blinking Issues?

There are so many ways to resolve the Wavlink router red light blinking issue. By considering the steps of those tips you can quickly fix the Wavlink router red light blinking issue. 

Through Locating Router At Best Location 

After the Wavlink router setup, when you locate the router at the improper location, the device starts blinking red. To fix this, place the Wavlink extender at the central location of the workstation. When you are doing this, also make sure that your router doesn’t be located near metal or electronic appliances. Metal types of appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc. They absorb all the WiFi signals that come from the router. 

Power Cycle Wavlink Router

At the beginning, push the power button of the Wavlink router. Now, take out the power plug of the Wavlink router device from the power socket. Next, wait and place back the plug in the socket. In the end, press the power button again to turn it on. 

Update Router Software

To update the software of the Wavlink router you will require access to the management page of the Wavlink router setup. Make sure that you only open the Wavlink web page on that computer which links with the Wavlink default network. Next, click on the network advanced options and then hit on the software upgrade option. Now, if you find the latest version of a software file then install it on your laptop or computer. Lastly, restart your Wavlink router device to complete the software installation process. 

Reset Wavlink Router Configuration Settings

By resetting all the Wavlink router configuration settings you can also fix the Wavlink router red light blinking issue. 

Initially, take the hairpin and insert that pin in the Wavlink router reset hole button. Now, all the Wavlink router LEDs will turn off. As it means the gadget is completely reset now. 

Note: After resetting all the Wavlink router configuration settings you will need to do the Wavlink router setup and login process again. 

Access The Wavlink Login Page 

Place the power plug of the Wavlink router in the socket. After that, take the computer and join it with the Wavlink router default network. Now type in the URL bar of the browser. In the end, insert the relevant login details and tap on the login icon to finish the Wavlink router login process. 

Set Up The Router

To start with, power on your modem. After that, connect the modem LAN port with the Wavlink router unit WAN port. Now, connect the Wavlink router device to the computer. Later, on that WiFi device that you connect with the Wavlink router, open the browser and type setup in the address bar field. Later, click on the WAN connection type option and then pick the DHCP or dynamic IP option. In the end, consider all the display instructions to complete the Wavlink router setup process. 

After doing the installation process of the Wavlink router, if you want to extend the range of the router then try the lower method steps. 

Purchase Extender 

By purchasing the extender you can quickly increase the range of Wavlink router WiFi signals. This device helps to clear all the dead spots and areas where you are facing slow internet speed issues. To enjoy the benefits of the extender, first, you will need to do the installation. 

Setup Extender By WPS Button 

First, place the extender plug in a socket. Now, the extender power button blinks solid. Next, press the extender WiFi-protected setup button. Later, in a few seconds push the Wavlink router WPS button. The WPS LED starts blinking solid, by doing the above steps. As it means that, the extender gadget is successfully linked with the router. After linking the extender with the router, place the extender in that place or area where you are facing slow internet speed. 

Setup By Web Portal 

Take the computer and connect it with the extender default network. After that, open Chrome and type the extender default web portal. Then, click on the setup wizard option, and from there select the WiFi network that you want to extend. In the end, fill in the details and hit connect. By doing this, the extender is successfully attached to the router. 

After the entire study of this post, you can easily fix the Wavlink router’s red light blinking issue. In case you are unable to fix that red light blinking issue, then try to ping our tech experts who give support for the Wavlink. 

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