How to Draw Baby Yoda Easily

How to Draw Baby Yoda. There is no shortage of iconic characters in the Star Wars series. With every new movie or TV show, there are bound to be at least a few characters who become world-famous.

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One of the more recent additions to this character list would be Baby Yoda from the recent Mandalorian TV show. He is extremely popular with audiences, and many fans enjoy creating artwork to show their appreciation for the character.

We have a stylized rendering to work with as you learn to draw Baby Yoda in black and white.

Still, we’re ready to jump right into this step-by-step guide on how to draw Baby Yoda in black and white in just 6 steps and we hope you enjoy it!

How to Draw Baby Yoda

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw Baby Yoda in black and white, we’ll start by outlining his head. Its head is small and round, while its ears are rather long, thin, and pointed.

For the outline of the head, we’re going to use several smaller rounded lines to create the ragged outline of his small head.

So for the ears, we’re going to use some curved lines that have rounded tips at the ends for their big ears.

Once these outlines are drawn, we can move on to step 2 of the guide.

Step 2

You’ve completed the outlines of your Baby Yoda’s head and ears in black and white, and now we’re going to add some finer detail to these areas. First, we draw his face.

First, draw some rounded shapes for her eyes and then add some line detail around them.

They’re blank for now and look a bit spooky, but we’ll add some details about the students in a later step.

Here’s how you can draw the nose and mouth with some simple line detail.

Finally, to finish off this step, add some line detail to her face and draw some lines inside the outline of her ears before continuing.

Step 3

Continuing with this guide on how to draw Baby Yoda in black and white, we will now add some more details and the beginning of the robe he is wearing.

First, you can draw little circles on his eyes to make them look a little less spooky. Next, we draw the collar of his robe.

The collar is quite thick and divided into two sections that connect in the middle.

Before continuing, you can also draw the thick sleeves of his robe and add small borders at the ends by sticking out his hands.

Step 4

For this next part of your black-and-white Baby Yoda drawing, we’ll finalize the outline so you’re ready for some finer details in the next step.

To do this, we draw her robe with a curved line.

The robe covers her entire body and reaches down to the floor so we cannot see her feet underneath.

You can add some curved line detail inside the outline to give the fabric a more realistic wrinkle appearance. Then in the next step of the guide, we’re ready for the final details!

Step 5

In this step of our guide to drawing Baby Yoda in black and white, you’ll do some final touches before adding the colors.

His robe is connected at the front by a couple of stitches, and we’re going to draw those stitches now.

The stitches will crisscross the front of her robe, and a line will run down behind it.

After adding these details, you may want to add more details and personal touches!

An idea to take this design further would be to add a background. This would be a great way to showcase your favorite Baby Yoda scene.

Step 6

In the final step of this black-and-white Baby Yoda drawing, we’ll add some color. That’s true if you consider black and white as one color combination, which is the case with us! When coloring something in black and white, it’s often best to use a medium like watercolor paint.

This gentler medium helps ensure that the details of the image are not lost when you paint over them. A fun idea would be to draw two copies of this picture and color in the second one with his usual green skin and beige robe!

Your Baby Yoda Drawing is Finished!

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