Driving licenses and people with disabilities

After the abolition of the F category of licenses, special A, B, C, or D licenses can be issued to disabled people who wish to drive a motor vehicle.

The Automatic car driving lessons visit

To obtain the issue of one of the special Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall the disabled person will have to undergo a suitability visit at the Local Medical Commission responsible for this assessment there is usually at least one Commission per province in some cities there are more than one commissions, divided into the major local health authorities.

The local medical commission is normally chaired by the head of forensic medicine of the local health authority in which it is located, and is made up of two other doctors and integrated (in the case of special licenses) by a doctor from the local rehabilitation services and an engineer from the management career of the MCTC, in turn the CML can make use of experts.

Automatic Driving Birmingham

The suitability visit is requested by presenting a medical certificate drawn up on a specific form together with an identification document.

If the disabled person already holds a normal driving license (which will be transformed into a special one), this must be shown instead of the identification document.

The visit can also be requested from a Commission other than the one of residence; in this case, however, it is up to the discretion of the same to accept or not this request for assessment.

During the visit further clinical documentation may be shown (preferably issued by a rehabilitation service or by a specialist in the disabling disease in question) held by the disabled person; the disabled person can also be assisted, at his expense, by a trusted doctor.

In the event that, during the visit and the analysis of the medical history certificates, the Commission has doubts about suitability, a practical automatic driving lessons wolverhampton test must be carried out on a vehicle adapted in relation to particular needs . This means that eligibility cannot be refused solely on the basis of clinical or documentary assessments.

The certificate of suitability issued by the Local Medical Commission is valid for 90 days.

The Automatic car driving licenses appeal

Unfortunately, it happens that the Local Medical Commission considers the candidate unsuitable.

It should be noted that if the disabled person considers the suitability assessment to be insufficient or if he believes that the assessment was conducted superficially, he can refuse to sign the visit report.

The most common practice, however, is that of appeal in this case the disabled person can request to be subjected to a new assessment visit.

The appeal must be sent, within 30 days of the denial and by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

The denial document issued by the Local Medical Commission must be attached to the request for a new assessment ( which is important to be issued after the visit ).

The General Management of the MCTC will inform the applicant of the date and the Higher Commission to contact for the new assessment. Also in this case the disabled person will be able to be assisted by a trusted doctor, whose costs are borne by the disabled person himself.

It is worth underlining – although this is an infrequent hypothesis – that the appeal can be presented even if the adaptations envisaged by the Commission are not accepted.

The Automatic car driving test

As we have seen, the Medical Commission indicates in the certificate of suitability the devices that the disabled person will have to use these changes should be reported on the pink sheet (and subsequently on the driving license).

After recognition of suitability and issuance of the pink slip, the disabled person will be able to practice driving and take the theoretical and practical exams to obtain the license using vehicles with the prescribed adaptations. During the practical examination phase, the Civil Motorization engineer has the right to confirm the adaptations hypothesized by the Medical Commission or to foresee different ones. The same disabled person may require adaptations other than those that the Medical Commission had prescribed.

It is not mandatory to use a vehicle equipped with dual controls for driving practice. It is not mandatory to use your own car or that of the driving school, the important thing is that the car is adapted with the systems prescribed.

The definitive adaptations will be shown in the driving license:

Only vehicles equipped with these driving devices can be driven by the disabled person. The rule that required the license plate of the car usually used to be written on the driving license has been abolished.

If the disabled person already holds a normal Automatic Driving Lessons Solihull the driving test does not need to be taken he may drive any vehicle as long as it is equipped with the adaptations indicated in the certificate of suitability issued by the Commission.

The tests of the adapted vehicles are carried out by the Civil Motorization Office usually these practices are carried out by the same workshops that modified the vehicle.

 Automatic Driving license Renewal

Special licenses are valid for five years; although often – given the specific situations or specific disabling pathologies – a shorter validity is indicated.

To renew the special category license it is necessary to present to the Provincial Medical Commission a medical certificate drawn up on a specific form and a copy of the license in possession requesting an appointment for the suitability examination. Given the average call times, it is advisable to submit the request for a visit for renewal at least 90 days before the license expires.

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