How Are Custom Cone Sleeves With Logo Useful For Your Business?

Custom cone sleeve with logo are a great way to get customers to know about a brand identity. The most appealing aspect of sleeves is that they easily tailor to meet your exact demands and specifications. They can satisfy customers’ needs because they are available in different forms and sizes. They can be printed with eye-catching pictures that can captivate new clients. 

Custom cone sleeves are highly recyclable and can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. That’s why most companies and organizations widely prefer them. Different types of sleeves are available. This blog discussed below how to choose the type that can be useful for your business.

What Are Disposable Ice Cream Cone Sleeves?

Ice cream cone packaging and die-cut boxes are ideal for wrapping the product in a perfect way. Not only provide cone sleeves to customers worldwide, but they also provide all types of selling options. It includes matte or gloss lamination, die-cutting, debossing or embossing, foil stamping, and many more. You can customize and design cones according to your requirements.

Cone Sleeves Important To Your Business

Custom printed cone sleeves are important to your business because there is no other way to pack and show off cones in a beautiful way. They make your ice cream stand out in the market from the other cones of your competitors. Different design elements can enhance the cone sleeves to look elegant and more attractive. They can be manufactured according to the customer’s needs, and they help to make the customers satisfied.

Benefits Of Using Custom Cone Sleeves

Do you know about the advantages of custom cones? Your answer is no! So let’s discuss, cones protect the ice cream from getting melted and external factors. The ice cream keeps the hand from getting cold or sticky. Custom cones make it easy to hold your ice cream without getting sticky and feel cool. You can customize these ice cream sleeves in a huge variety of sizes, thicknesses, and materials, which helps the brand identity.

You can select polyethylene, heavy PVC plastic, or high-quality materials. Cone sleeves have adjustable sides, which allow you to adjust the lid opening according to your needs. This makes it convenient to open and close and eliminates the need for tools such as tape or nails. 

Multiple uses of cone 

Waffle cone sleeves are available in huge varieties in different stores. You can customize the box, color, and finishing options. Some of the products offered include lids, custom ribbons, and can holders made of fabric. They can be used for promotional purposes. 

You can manufacture such types of products to look more appealing to customers. Custom cone sleeve with logo are provided in high quality at budget-friendly prices. You can use printing wraps in promotional products which helps to highlight your products and brand image.

Picking A suitable Packaging Material

Do you want a perfect packaging solution the budget-friendly? You can choose durable and high-quality materials that will keep your product safe. They should be unique for cone sleeves.

  • Cardboard Material

Cardboard is a strong and highly rigid material that gives your ice cream cone a feel more attractive. It is a great option for packaging businesses that want to make a strong impression on the brand and showcase their high-quality products. It’s also moisture-resistant that is protect your ice cream from melting and wetting your hands

  • Paper Material

Do you know which material is good for cones? Paper is widely used and more flexible than cardboard. It is tear resistance. It is ideal for brands who want to keep their cone sleeves simple and classy. It provides attractive colors.

Printing techniques

When printing word use, then what do you think about it? It’s an attractive thing when you can use it on every packaging of products. It is an essential part of product packaging. Different types of printings are used. They work the same but prices are different. So you can use it according to your budget at reasonable prices. You can print on the packaging like brand name, brand logo, text, and other useful information that may help to attract customers. Printings are important to show off your products and brand. Different types are:

  • Offset
  • Digital printing
  • Screen 


Custom cone sleeve with logo are helpful in many ways. They help to increase brand identity and boost sales. Packaging material uses, and benefits add a personal touch to the product and make the customers friendly. They help to establish the brand image for your customers. They help to stand out product in the market from the competitors firmly. The unique, attractive, elegant cone sleeves are handy for business because they grab the attention of the customers.

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