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Eat them all up as you become the larger crowd leaders in the city. Crowd City is undoubtedly one of the best casual games for Android gamers.
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It’s enjoyable at first. The half-time experience is useless and, in general, buying something is pointless. Reason : You do not have the time to totally eliminate all groups, except for the possibility to view videos, which gives the viewer more leisure.

This was a really simple and enjoyable game . However, they have now placed ads within the middle of the game, which is obtrusive and totally disrupts the game’s flow. The game could have been played as is, but it seems they was excessive. Additionally, how about charging PS3.69 to eliminate advertisements? 99p as with every other game that is basic is plenty.

It was a fantastic game, until the developers decided to the point of greed being King. I played this game when it was released for the first time and I don’t think you have a clue as to the different. You can actually beat any player and take the title! Absolutely no ads! I’ve not played in quite a while, and when I tried it again this morning, and it was spewing ad waste and I thought that they had to be paid some way So I paid to get rid of ads and I was shocked to discover… IT DIDN’T REMOVE THE ADS!!! A forced ad, they call “half time” 5 to 10 seconds after the start of play and two more to prolong Play! Do not.

The game is enjoyable but there are just excessive ads. There is also something called halftime that makes it difficult to enjoy the game through a couple of seconds of ads. It is true that free games require advertisements to generate revenue, but this is too excessive. If I could rate it, the game, I would give it a negative rating in the event that I could.

It’s great fun! It does however show lots of ads we do not have on our network and after we come back to play it asks you to verify your connection. This isn’t a good thing and after each stage, there’s an ad between, and i did not go to a shop to view those ads which is why i’ve awarded two stars, and on top of that games are fantastic.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS GAME!!! !!! It was a fantastic application when I first started playing around with it. I had no advertisements. Nothing. But this is a nightmare, I had thought of giving 1 try but because was fun as a child, I decided to give 3 starts. it’s hanging, the game, please take a look at the fact that I am a fan playing this game

I really enjoy this game but I have two issues. N.o there’s a glitch. The players must solve this. This is like when you have a large number of followers, your game will slow down and also glitches. N.o two are the advertisements. All I can say about the game. It is the best game I could play when bored.

A vehicle that is used to distribute advertisements. Each round lasts 1.5 minutes long and is followed by a 30-second advertisement in the middle. Then, at the end the ad is repeated for another 30 seconds. Behind these frequent ad breaks is a short fast, jittery battle against AI designed to keep outrunning you , so that you can keep increasing your playing time by, yes guessing, watching longer 30 second advertisements. It’s designed to let you lose and to enjoy advertisements.

This game was enjoyable. It’s now a game of ads. There is more time to watch ads than for playing. What is the reason there should be a limit on time and the possibility of a half-time break between games that it ruins the enjoyment of playing. I’m aware that ads generate revenues however this is too excessive. I’m deinstalling the game, hoping it will improve in the future.

It was a great match until “halftime” which is an advertisement during the two minute round, which disrupts the rhythm in the play. Another ad is added after every round, too. It would be reasonable to assume that with all the extra advertisements, they’d also add more skins to compensate for it.

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