Comparing JCB 30 PLUS Excavator and 4DX Backhoe Loader

Comparing JCB 30 PLUS Excavator and 4DX Backhoe Loader

Various pieces of equipment serve different purposes in the construction industry. Some equipment, such as excavators and backhoe loaders, are important to the construction industry. Excavators are earthmoving equipment used for digging and various lifting and carrying tasks.

Backhoe loaders are a piece of heavy-duty equipment used for construction, minor demolitions, light transportation and digging holes. It mainly consists of three parts: boom, bucket, and dipstick.

Some of the best excavators and backhoe loaders that serve multiple purposes are


The JCB 30 PLUS excavator appears to be heavy-duty compact construction equipment. It has an engine power of 25 hp for performing different tasks. The operating weight of 2870 Kg allows it to lift different heavy loads. Moreover, it has a bucket capacity of 0.07 cum showing its ability to load a certain volume of material in the bucket.

The hydraulic System has a flow rate of 70 Lpm which powers the equipment’s movements and attachments. It has a maximum digging depth of 3050 mm, the equipment’s deepest point to dig into the ground. Additionally, JCB 30 plus price in India ranges between Rs. 24 lakhs and Rs. 25 lakh.


The JCB 4DX backhoe loader is a versatile construction machine performing several tasks. It can reach a maximum height of 4950 mm when fully raised. The maximum operating weight of the machine is 8470 kg when it’s fully loaded and operational. It has a backhoe bucket capacity of 2 cum which it can hold in the bucket. Additionally, JCB 4dx price varies between Rs. 21 lakhs and Rs. 33 lakhs.

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