Cannabis and ADHD: Weighing the Pros and Cons

In my work with people who suffer from ADHD I’ve met many people who regularly take cannabis every day. The most common practice is to consume cannabis prior to bed to help with falling asleep. This isn’t surprising given the high prevalence of sleep problems, Buy Adderall Online and particularly problems falling asleep among those suffering from ADHD. Cannabis users also claim that it helps to slow down their thoughts and help calm their minds. Some even notice improved attention and focus capacity. But, these effects aren’t universally observed. Many people with ADHD have experienced negative feelings including being physically sick or vomiting in anxiety, feeling more anxious or feeling a lack of control.

First, let’s look at the possible advantages of cannabis for adults who suffer from ADHD. Certain studies suggest that cannabis could help relieve certain ADHD symptoms like the impulsivity and hyperactivity. In some cases it’s been observed to increase concentration and focus, both of which can be difficult for people suffering from ADHD. There are doctors who prescribe medical cannabis who reside in New Zealand who believe that cannabis can aid in the treatment of ADHD symptoms, and it’s not difficult to obtain a prescription from a doctor.One possible explanation for these benefits along with the relaxing effects and sleep help can be attributed to the fact that cannabis boosts levels of dopamine in brain. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters which plays an important role in the areas of motivation, attention and the reward system in the brain. Since stimulant drugs dramatically boost the levels to dopamine throughout the human brain, it’s not surprising that cannabis could aid in reducing ADHD symptoms in certain individuals.


Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: the potential negatives to regular use of cannabis. The primary issue is that prolonged usage can result in dependence. This is particularly true for people suffering from ADHD who are more prone to substance abuse problems. In addition, prolonged use of cannabis has been associated with cognitive impairments, including memory problems and a shorter concentration. These effects are particularly harmful for people suffering from ADHD who are often struggling with these cognitive challenges.Additionally, cannabis use can increase the severity of mood and anxiety disorders, which are common among those with ADHD. One study revealed that cannabis users had lower dopamine responses to stimulant medications (methylphenidate) and suggests that cannabis use in combination could decrease the efficacy of stimulant medications. The study also revealed that regular cannabis users were less likely to score higher on positive emotion as well as higher scores on negative emotionality. In addition, physical health issues can be attributed to smoking (and perhaps using vaping) cannabis, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma that is exacerbating.

It is important to know that the use of cannabis without a prescription from a doctor is prohibited legally in New Zealand, and even when it is sanctioned by law, there are limitations regarding the use of cannabis. For example, driving while under the impaired by cannabis is illegal and can affect an individual’s work if the company has an anti-drug policy.

General practitioners usually will require urine tests for illegal substances if a person is prescribed stimulant medications. In Canterbury for instance there is a particular threshold for THC levels in the urine of a patient which, if it is exceeded is a barrier to getting cannabis. 

What is ADHD?

This applies to medically prescribed cannabis (CBD oil is not an issue since it is a low-level source in THC). Because THC is stored in fat and can take a few weeks to cleanse to acceptable levels that allow for the use of stimulants and the increased use may jeopardize regular prescriptions.Overall, I believe cannabis can be used as a an alternative to ADHD symptoms that can be more efficiently treated using prescribed stimulant medications. I’ve come across individuals who frequently use cannabis and are totally content with their consumption with no intention to decrease the amount. Some of my clients have confessed that they depend on cannabis. I’ve also had clients whose use of cannabis has diminished naturally since they began taking stimulant medications.In my work with individuals with ADHD I’ve encountered numerous people who take cannabis throughout the day. The most popular practice is to take cannabis before bedtime to aid in falling asleep. This isn’t a surprise due to the prevalence in sleep-related disorders and particularly difficulties falling asleep in people who suffer from ADHD. The users of cannabis also say that it will help to in calming their minds and to calm their minds. Some people even experience improved focus and ability. However, Buy Adderall these effects aren’t always evident. A lot of people suffering from ADHD are afflicted with negative feelings such as being physically sick or vomiting out of anxiety, experiencing more stress or a feeling like they’re in a state of chaos.


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