Can You Take Ambien and Hydrocodone Together?

It’s been difficult to sleep and your back/knee/other body area is suffering. Do you have the option of popping an Ambien and buy hydrocodone simultaneously? What happens if you do it on an identical day? Although combining both drugs may seem like a sensible idea, it’s actually very dangerous because both induce sleep and hinder your ability to breathe effectively.

“The combination of hydrocodone and Ambien would be classified as a major interaction,” says Danielle Fixen, Pharm.D. as an associate professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus located in Aurora, CO. “Both of these medications can cause [central nervous system] depression, increasing the risk of sedation, driving impairment, psychomotor function, and falls, especially in older adults.” Combine these two drugs together, and the risk increases and could even be fatal.

What Is Ambien?

Ambien (zolpidem) is an anti-insomnia treatment that falls under the class of sedative-hypnotic that helps to slow down the activity of the brain. Although it can certainly help people suffering from insomnia to rest, Ambien also has a lengthy list of possible side consequences. This could include:

Ambien can also leave some feeling sleepy and foggy the following day, which suggests that driving can be a problem. It also can alter your memory and create an amnesia-like affect as per Stephen Ferrara, D.N.P. who is the president-elect of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the associate director of the clinical department at the Columbia University School of Nursing in New York City. “Some people will have a full conversation [during the night] or go into the kitchen and have a full meal and not remember it,” Ferrara says.

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a potent pain reliever that falls into the opioid category. It’s probably best known under it’s brand name Vicodin that is a mix of hydrocodone as well as Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Hydrocodone is also found in numerous other prescription products, including Lorcet (another hydrocodone-acetaminophen combo), Ibudone (hydrocodone and ibuprofen), Kwelcof (hydrocodone and guaifenesin, a drug for chest congestion), and many others.

Hydrocodone is a treatment for severe pain that isn’t controlled by other, less effective pain relievers. It may be prescribed in the aftermath of a car crash or a procedure (including oral surgery). A few people who suffer from ongoing pain ailments, like Fibromyalgia or inflammation arthritis (like rheumatoid arthritis) depend on it.

Hydrocodone, along with other opioids in the opioid class can cause side consequences, such as

These effects are most evident when opioids are utilized for long periods of time. In some individuals, the path to addiction and addiction may begin in just a few days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is why you may receive just a few pills to take following a surgery or an accident instead of an entire bottle.

Why Mixing Ambien and Hydrocodone Is Dangerous

Sleep problems and pain are inextricably linked, but you should never mix opioids like hydrocodone with a sleeping pill such as Ambien According to Douglas Pauw M.D., professor of medicine and chair of clinical education for patients in the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. “If you’re using an opioid, it should be your sleeping aid. It should help to relax you. Do not take any sleeping medication,” even if you typically take a medication such as Ambien prior to going to bed, he advises.

Why? because taking an opioid such as hydrocodone in conjunction with an aid to sleep means you’re stacking two drugs that sedate over each other. In the end, the sedative effects last longer and you’re more likely to drift off asleep in the car or suffer a serious accident later on. Combining these medications can also trigger respiratory depression. That means you breathe less air per minute and don’t receive sufficient oxygen. This could be fatal.

Many users end up taking the two drugs without considering it, according to the doctor. Paauw. It’s not uncommon for people to keep an extra supply of these medications at their residences for several months or even years after having been prescribed an order, he says this means that you may be able to remember at night you’ve got an important sleep aid in an empty spot in your medication cabinet, but not think about your current situation. using hydrocodone after breaking your arm.

And what’s more, he says the addition of alcohol is in the mix. It is not recommended to drink Ambien in conjunction with alcohol as well as you shouldn’t drink alcohol with buy hydrocodone online. If you combine all three and you’re bound to have an issue. Alcohol can cause sleepiness and confusion, as well as causing some respiratory depression. A moderate amount of any one of these drugs may not pose a major problem when breathing is concerned. However, put them all together and it could completely kill you, says Dr. Paauw.

A person who is experiencing respiratory distress may be taking long and shallow breaths and their fingers or lips may appear blue (a indicator of low oxygen). They may seem confused, confused, or find it difficult to get up. Some vomit or have seizures. Be aware that this could be an emergency medical situation that needs immediate attention, so contact 911 immediately. If the patient is not treated, they may stop breathing completely or the heart may stop according to Ferrara.

Other Drugs That Interact With Ambien and Hydrocodone


Ambien and hydrocodone can be an undesirable combination. However, you must be aware that each drug can interact with other drugs. Along with other drugs Ambien is not a good choice to be mixed with any other drug.

Before mixing any medication consult your physician or pharmacist, or check with the internet for a drug interaction tester.

Sleeping Well Without Ambien

If you have to use an opioid such as hydrocodone, don’t take Ambien or another medication specifically designed to help you sleep. Hydrocodone alone will help to relax you while you practice the right sleeping habits–such as sleeping and rising each day at the same times and not drinking coffee for a few hours prior to bedtime could be beneficial, suggests Ferrara. If you’re having trouble to fall asleep consult your physician.

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