6 Trendy Prints to Look for in Plus Size Kurtis

Indian Ethnic Clothing is known for its designs and prints that please a woman’s personality, making her look chic and attractive. Out of all the ethnic wear options, one of the most popular ethnic wear is a kurti. Kurtis are easy to carry and can be worn on different occasions and daily too.

With the change in trend, plus size kurtis are gaining solidarity in the fashion industry. Therefore, Women with plus-size body types are moving towards buying kurtis of their size, pairing them with bottoms, accessories, and other elements to give themselves a complete look.

Many styles are available in kurtis, like an A-line, Anarkali, Short Kurtis, etc. One can find anything that suits their personality and goes well for the occasion. In this blog, we will look at the prints of a kurti that pleases a woman’s personality and makes them look chic when paired well with different accessories.

Here are six trending prints to choose from for your plus-size kurtis

1. Floral prints

Floral prints hold a classical and cultural significance in Indian fashion. They are timeless and have a special place in the industry because they look beautiful when paired well for an occasion. A floral print kurta is perfect for daily wear as well as for an occasion. In addition, Floral prints come in various colours – they are multi-coloured or come in two shades only.

A classic print that never goes out of style, floral prints are a great choice for kurtis. Whether you prefer big, bold blooms or delicate, dainty flowers, there is a floral print for everyone. Therefore, Floral prints are perfect for a summer day as they have a cooling effect, and fabrics used for floral prints are already lightweight and breathable.

Floral prints are a perfect reflection of your personality. One can choose bold and bright floral prints and you can pair them with fine accessories for a bold look. On the other hand, you can opt for light and soothing floral prints to look delicate and subtle for the occasion or if it is for an office meeting. Furthermore, you can blend different floral shades to create a unique aesthetic look.

2. Geometric prints

With the change in trends, there has been a significant change in the styling and prints of kurtis. Along with floral prints, an introduction to geometric patterns took place. Geometric prints never go out of style because they are a perfect combination of colours, shapes, and textures paired with accessories for a chic look.

Geometric prints are the customisation of simple shapes like squares, circles, triangles, etc. Also, There are stylish and geometric patterns that add a modern touch to traditional kurtis. Look for bold shapes in bright colours to make a statement. Therefore, These shapes create a bold and graphic to subtle and understated look depending on the fabric and texture of the kurti.

For example, a printed short kurti in a stylish geometric print with bold shades of patterns. Along with this, make sure the fabric of the kurtis is such that the print looks bright and makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. Abstract prints

Another print that pleases traditional clothing for women is the abstract print. These prints are best for their unique designs, created by combining different shapes, colours, designs, and textures for a one-of-a-kind style for your kurti. And, Abstract printed kurtis look classy in a casual and formal setup.

These unique prints are perfect because they are timeless and unique in their own way. The combination of colours and beautiful textures suits each body type. They highlight the bold and outgoing personality of the women. Therefore, Created with various fabrics like silk, cotton, and chiffon.

Abstract prints are a great way to add visual interest to your outfit without going too over the top. Look for colourful swirls and splatters for a fun, playful vibe. Therefore, The kurtis made with comfortable fabrics that you can wear for a long day at the office or any occasion.

4. Ikat prints

Ikat print kurtis have always been a popular choice for those who love traditional fashion. The unique weaving technique used to create the Ikat print makes it one of the most coveted styles in Indian fashion. In addition, Ikat print is where the individual yarns dyed before being woven together.

Print creation is so intricate that it requires a lot of skill and patience to perfect. This technique produces a blurry, almost hazy effect in the print, which adds depth and dimension to the fabric. The result is a fabric that is visually appealing and has a unique texture that is hard to replicate in any other print.

Finally, Ikat print kurtis are a great way to support traditional Indian craftsmanship. The weaving technique used to create these prints has been passed down from generation to generation and is a testament to the skill and artistry of Indian weavers. And, By wearing an Ikat print kurti, you are making a fashion statement and supporting traditional Indian artisans.

5. Bandhani Prints

Bandhani prints have been an integral part of Indian fashion for centuries. The intricate patterns and vibrant colours of the Bandhani print have made it one of the most sought-after prints in fashion. Bandhani prints are specifically popular for kurtis. Therefore, The Bandhani print on the kurtis adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look.

The Bandhani print is created using a tie-and-dye technique. First, the fabric is tied in knots and dyed in different colours. The tied areas resist the dye, creating a beautiful pattern on the fabric. Also, The Bandhani print is known for its intricate and elaborate designs, which make it unique and stand out from other prints.

The Bandhani print is eco-friendly as it uses natural dyes and fabrics. Using natural dyes means that the Bandhani print is safe for the environment. The kurtis with Bandhani prints, made of cotton, silk, or chiffon, are sustainable fabrics. Finally, Choosing Bandhani prints over synthetic prints is a great way to be more environmentally conscious.

6. Leheriya Print

Leheriya is a traditional Rajasthani print that has stood the test of time and is now considered one of the best prints for kurtis. This print is known for its unique wave-like pattern created by tie-dyeing the fabric in different shades of colours. Also, Leheriya print is a charming pattern making a woman look attractive and flattering.

The wave-like pattern of the Leheriya print is what makes it so unique and beautiful. The colours used in the dyeing process create a subtle gradient effect that adds depth and dimension to the fabric. No two pieces are exactly alike, making each kurti one-of-a-kind. Therefore, pairing your kurtis with accessories with jewellery like earrings or a simple necklace to give the outfit a pleasing look is a great idea.

Another best thing about the leheriya prints is their traditionalism.The Leheriya print is a traditional Rajasthani print used for centuries. However, designers have found a way to incorporate this print into modern designs, making it a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles.


The fashion industry is becoming more inclusive by catering to the needs of plus-size women. The trendy prints in plus-size kurtis are a testament to this progress. From bold geometric patterns to delicate floral prints, there is something to suit every taste. These prints add a touch of style to any outfit and offer a flattering silhouette for plus-size women. As fashion continues to evolve, seeing the growing diversity and representation in the industry is exciting.

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